Dearm of JMT
작성자: Justin YIm 조회수: 2664 등록일: 2006-08-15 오전 9:44:50

I dream of JMT trip in which solutions come

easier than problems.

A JMT trip in which anxiety and grief can be

treated with two seconds of attention.

All that makes happen with great friend David, Ernest specially Isaac

Thanks for give me encouragement and friendship

Which I can’t discover by self in my life.

I lean JMT that I dream that I seek that I request can always be possible.

I enjoyed hike with my friends

I am very proud known suram family as friend

Congratulation on John Muir Trail You desire all the more…..

A dream world is nothing but the revision

of the present.

Justin Yim

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Ernest Kim

 JMT became the most favorite trail of those I have hiked. The Trail of soaring granite cliffs covered with snow, of topaz blue lakes, of green meadows, will be remembered as the greatest place yet I ever explored.

2006-09-14 Delete

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